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Strengthscope® – People Reaching Potential now an acredited partner!

Strengthscope®   is a world leading online strengths assessment system that measures an individual’s work-related strengths and potential in order to supercharge their work performance.  

The Strengthscope® system comprises five assessments:

  • Strengthscope® Standard
    Measures strengths at work
  • Strengthscope360™
    Measures others views of your strengths at work
  • StrengthscopeTeam™
    Measures a team’s strengths and productive behaviours at work
  • Strengths Engagement Index™
    Measures engagement at work
  • StrengthscopeLeader™
    Measures leadership strengths, habits outcomes and co-worker feedback

To learn more about what Strengthscope® can do for you, your team or organisation, please contact us here.”

Hiring for your small business – Mortgage Professional Australia, published 13 May 2016

As a small business, when it comes to hiring a new member of staff, it is even more important to be sure you have chosen the best person for your business needs and company culture.  Read more…

Asking the right questions – Inside Small Business Magazine, Spring edition 2014

What questions should you ask when interviewing staff for your small business. There is a big difference from hiring staff for your small business compared to recruiting within a large organisation. Read more

Should you encourage your employees to use Social Media? – Management Today, published 20 July 2014

Some of us still remember when computers were not commonplace and when email first came into the workplace.  Some us have only ever know a time when computers, tablets, email and social media were prevalent.  For businesses with the rise of  social media this is an interesting time and if not carefully considered a challenging one.  Read more…

Beating the clock: 10 ways to better manage your time – Human Capital Magazine, published 3 July 2014

There’s a danger of HR professionals, especially those in small teams or sole practitioners, feeling pressured to be all things to all people.  But simply having enough hours in the day to get everything done can be a problem, unless HR practitioners possess excellent time management skills.   Read more…

Thinking of taking a career break? – Women in Leadership & Management Magazine, published 20 May 2014

Are you considering taking a career break but concerned of the impact it could have on your career? Career breaks are on the increase, and many women are deciding to take some time out, whether it is for family reasons, to embark on an adventure or simply take ‘some time out’.   Read more…

Recruiting Selecting and Inducting Staff – Equipped Magazine, published  May 2014

Selecting recruiting and inducting a new team member is a big investment of your resources, time and energy, so make it count!    Read more…

Five tips for authentic presentations – Leaders in Heels, published 13 May 2014

Have you ever been delivering a presentation and noticed your audience losing interest or their body language showing they don’t get it?   Read more…

Flying solo: tips for being an HR department of one – Human Capital Magazine, published 17 April 2014

Being the lone HR professional in an organisation comes with a raft of unique challenges. Read more…

Why Self-Awareness is an Underrated Leadership Competency – Management Today, published 16 April 2014

We all know that leadership can be tough – but when we push ourselves to do it well, the rewards are worth the effort. So how do you become the best leader you can be?   Read more…

6 Tips for Growing New Talent without hiring new staff – Management Today, published 7 April 2014

The importance of growing your available talent is a key activity for many organisations but one which often fails to deliver real results. So how do you ensure that than any talent development activities are effective and support the future needs of an organisation?  Read more…

Self Awareness: The key to Leadership – Human Capital Magazine, published 2 April 2014

Self-awareness is an underrated leadership competency, as it underpins the more obvious qualities of a leader, including confidence and strategic thinking. Learning how to master it could consquently be the key to becoming an outstanding HR leader.  Read more…

How HR can help unleash the Inner Spark – Human Capital Magazine, published 26 March 2014

HR is in the business of identifying people who show potential to do great things and become great leaders. The real challenge for HR professionals, however, is not to carve a path for potential high achievers, but to show them how to unleash their inner spark for themselves. Read more…

Six ways to retain key talent in the hospitality industry – Hospitality Magazine, published 31 March 2014

Being the lone HR professional in an organisation comes with a raft of unique challenges. Read more…

Five tips to encourage your staff to reach their potential – Hospitality Magazine, published 26 March 2014

One of the biggest challenges the hospitality industry faces is keeping talent from walking out the door, whether it’s due to a better offer from a direct competitor, or the opportunity to experience an entirely different industry.  Read more…